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API documentation

Our API allows you to retrieve informations in json format via GET request and supports the following query parameters

Name Type Comments
get (Required) Specify query type Use get=user to get user

Use get=posts to get posts

Use get=special to use special params
id Specify user id or username Use id=username if you have username

Use id=userid if you have user id
pt Specify posts type Use pt=photos to fetch photos

Use pt=videos to fetch videos

Use pt=status to fetch status
URL Results
http://hyggestedet.guldhammer.info/api.php?get=user&id=myusername Details of user having username myusername
http://hyggestedet.guldhammer.info/api.php?get=user&id=2654 Details of user having user id 2654
http://hyggestedet.guldhammer.info/api.php?get=posts&id=2654 Recent 12 posts(Only status updates) of user having user id 2654
http://hyggestedet.guldhammer.info/api.php?get=posts&id=2654&pt=photos Recent 12 posts(Only photos) of user having user id 2654
http://hyggestedet.guldhammer.info/api.php?get=posts&id=myusername&pt=videos Recent 12 posts(Only videos) of user having userame myusername
Parameter Return Array(s) with Indexs
get=user id = user id

username = username

first_name = first name

last_name = last name

image = Profile image URL

cover = Profile cover URL

verified = Is user profile verified (BOOLEAN)

profession = user profession

study = user education

gender = gender (BOOLEAN)

hometown = hometown

living = current location

relationship = relationship (BOOLEAN)

website = website

bio = user bio

get=posts post_id = post id

post_text = post text

post_likes = number of likes on post(INTEGER)

post_comments = number of comments on post(INTEGER)

post_time = posted time (TIMESTAMP)

get=posts&pt=photos Return all standard indexs of parameter get=posts plus

post_photo = image name on network (e.g. 892j74.jpg)

get=posts&pt=videos Return all standard indexs of parameter get=posts plus

post_video_link = youtube embed link(e.g. http://youtube.com/embed/3js4kj4fs)

Special requests
Parameter Possible values Comments Usage example
limit 1,2,5,10,12,15,20

Set maximum number of posts


verify User id or username

Return index verified = 1 if user profile is verified


isusername Username

Return index in_use = 1 if username is in use


ismail Email

Return index in_use = 1 if email is in use


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